Irish-Scandinavian connections

Research on the connection between Ireland and Scandinavia in a long-time perspective

Experimental heritage as practice

Experiments at the intersection of art and archaeology between Ireland and Sweden

Experimental Heritage and Entrepreneurship

Experimental research on the meaning of heritage in the countryside

Experimental archaeology between enlightenment and experience

Researching experimental and experiential perspectives on archaeology

Imaginations of the past

Research on how the past is reconstructed in full-scale throughout the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Denmark and Norway

The Archaeology of Time Travel

How archaeology allows for travels in time through imaginative anachronism

From replica to relic

How a replica of a Viking ship in itself becomes a relic through its travels and adventures during some years in the late 19th century

Archaeology and identity

An insight into present-day identity matters applied on the past

Runecarvers of today

An insight into present-day rune carvers and their practice