Time Travel

PICT1656 Time traveling can be done in many different ways. For several years now I have explored  opportunities get closer to other times both physically and mentally. It started when I studied  museum exhibitions and then an excavation project at the Viking Age site Birka in Mälaren, Sweden, during the first half of the 1990s. My interest in time travel reached an absolute peak when I was working on my dissertation entitled Conceptions of the Past – Archaeology and Reconstruction which was published in 2003. This is a presentation of how people through different times and even in contemporary times imagine the past and do hands-on experiments to put themselves in situations with some similarity with past times. This can be done by reconstructing environments , places, and objects, and then experience them. The quest can be to reach a better understanding of an era, using the past to strengthen political argument in the present, or simply to create an adventure that is worth experiencing and remembering. My fascination with the phenomenon of time travel has not diminished over the years, and most of what I do in research is related to time travel in one way or another.